In 2008, prior to the creation of Agency Funding, Swiss RE, Wells Fargo bank and
Commissions Funding Group, LLC (CFG) developed a joint venture to leverage the CFG
business model. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis Swiss RE closed its business
development offices in New York and was unable to participate. The participation of Wells
Fargo was predicated on that of Swiss. Agency Funding, LLC was founded on the structure
of this unrealized joint venture plan in 2009.
Agency Funding has been designed so that all of its expenses are encompassed in a single
monthly management fee payment to a separate, independent management organization.
This organization, known as CFG Lending, is staffed and managed by Commission Funding
A detailed history of Commissions Funding Group can be found here.
About Us
Leo Cohen, Manager and President
Founded Commissions Funding Group, LLC in 1999 to focus on insurance agency lending.
Extensive commercial niche lending in prior companies.
Mark Cohen, Manager and VP
Provided consulting for Commissions Funding Group, and prior entities.  In 2006, came in full
time as Compliance Officer, and became VP of Operations in 2007.
Dennis Kocik, Director of Underwriting
Extensive experience in mortgage and commercial underwriting for major banks and private
companies. Joined Commissions Funding Group in 2007.
Monitors accounting for the Agency Funding Enterprise. Provides monthly compilation reports and annual
auditing to investors.
Manages the InterCreditor Agreement for Preferred Lenders.

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415 4th St NE
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